My name’s Andrew. I’m a thirty-something Sydneysider, communicator and researcher interested in climate change and sustainability.

As a young person living in the early 21st Century I am part of a generation that will witness and help bring about incredible changes that will hopefully help grow truly sustainable, fair and prosperous societies.

Creating this sustainable future is hugely exciting and I want to explore that excitement here on this blog. I want to explore what this future will look like, how we create it and in particular how we communicate it.

It’s about growing support, growing new values, behaviours, technologies and systems, and just growing more trees ‘cus forests are pretty cool.

If you like this kind of stuff too follow me on Twitter: @andwcampbell

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One comment

  1. Sue Higgins · Jan 8, 2017

    Hi Andrew, I am the Secretary/Treasurer of Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc. a volunteer run organisation founded on the vision of a society which is sustainable ecologically, economically and socially.

    The core idea of HOPE is that, while we have to think about the environment on a planet-wide scale, we need to act in our own communities in a way that’s effective and meaningful. Our slogan is: “Think Globally – Act Locally”

    While HOPE endorses individual action, it also encourages people to act together in their local community, and in society as a whole. We believe and promote that whether you live in urban, rural or regional Australia, you too can lessen your impact on the global environment by adopting sustainable living practices at home, at work and at school.

    Please visit our site at http://www.hopeaustralia.org.au and consider becoming a member. We are always looking for people to contribute articles to our newsletter and it would be great if you would consider writing an article.

    Thanks Andrew
    Sue (Higgins)


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