You can have a solar powered steel mill

There are many renewable energy good news stories these days but this one stands out for a number of reasons.

Steelworks in Whyalla, South Australia are set to be powered by a solar, battery and pumped hydro project. This announcement signals a future where heavy, energy-intensive industry is powered by clean energy providing jobs and greenhouse gas reduction.

As Zen Energy (the company constructing the project) chairman Sanjeev Gupta said in the Guardian article: “I believe there is a great future for energy intensive industries in Australia.”

It’s also another sign that business and people with vision are getting on with the inevitable and smart shift to renewable energy and storage because it makes business sense.

It’s refreshing after years of (still ongoing) political intransigence from conservative politicians in Australia and wildly inaccurate scare tactics like the below quote from former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. It would be funny if it hadn’t cost (and wasn’t still costing) Australia investment and holding us back from the transition to a clean energy economy.


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