Predatory delay

Futurist Alex Steffen had this great tweet thread (below) on Twitter recently on the nature of climate politics in the USA.

Climate denial and delay in the US is, according to Steffen, professionally manufactured by fossil fuel companies and lobbyists in order to delay climate action as long as possible and maximise their profits.

The reality of climate change is not a debate in the scientific community and people are quite united in their support for climate action and renewable energy. Democracy, if it functioned properly, would focus its efforts on solving climate change asap. Instead, fossil fuel companies, knowing their time is limited, are trying to extend that time as long as possible by jamming our civic gears with doubt and denial – what Steffen calls ‘predatory delay’.

In order to counter this Steffen suggests that the Democrats need to directly take on this minority of fossil fuel powers by making them the enemy of progress and the enemy of the will of the people. A compelling narrative and argument, even if this last directive would be hard to pull off, given the embeddedness of fossil fuels in the character and economy of countries like the US and Australia.

Give his thread a read below…


Image at top: DonkeyHotey, Flickr


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