Fuck plastic bottles

Check out these recent ads from Sodastream which use the tagline ‘Fuck plastic bottles’. I’m not endorsing the product at all but¬†the ads are really refreshing, suggesting, as they do, that companies can push a clear environmental message in a humorous, irreverent and genuinely entertaining way. Saving the planet can be funny and cool.


In a similar (though non-commerical) vein, the website beanunfucker.com¬†encourages people to adopt more environmentally friendly habits (by sharing simple, daily tips) with a cool graphic design-aesthetic made for social media (follow them on Insta). And they don’t shy away from colourful language which is part of the, somewhat cathartic, appeal.



It’s great to see environmental comms and marketing adopting a more relatable framing, particularly one that cuts through and provides more appeal to young people.


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