Who We Are

This great 30 second ad from climate advocacy group NextGen Climate which aired during Super Bowl 50 last week is exactly what I’ve been waiting to see! And we need to see more of it.

It uses a grand, positive, opportunities frame and simple language to communicate a pro-renewable energy message to American audiences all with a nice, clear (and admirable) call to action and target – Demand a Plan for 50% clean energy by 2030.

Give it a watch…

Notice how it reframes renewable energy and climate action as patriotic, distinctly American callings by linking them to American characteristics – not being “quitters”, facing “problems head-on”, innovation – along with imagery of farmers, workers, veterans and the iconic raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. The repeated use of the word ‘we’ also evokes a united and uniting cause, the opposite of the usual divisive connotations around climate change.

For non-Americans like myself it may seem a little cheesy but it’s this kind of talking to where people are, this kind of speaking to people’s core values, that is key to reaching people and changing their perceptions about renewables and climate action.

More of this please!


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