It’s all connected

So, we need to inspire people to be part of building a sustainable world by painting an inspiring and positive picture of what such a world would look like for them. Let’s start with the big picture…

Part of this plan is expressing the fact that tackling the world’s environmental issues will help us tackle its other pressing issues. Many of the major problems the world faces, whether environmental or otherwise, are:

  1. connected, and
  2. will be solved faster and more effectively with coordination.

From poverty, to disease, inequality, discrimination, violence, conflict, mental health, resource depletion, pollution and climate change, all are connected in that one can beget another or make another worse, or that improving one can improve another.

Tackle climate change and you alleviate future conflicts and violence over resource scarcity. Reduce gender discrimination by providing education and financial independence for girls and women and you reduce poverty and inequality. You get the idea; pretty nifty.

What makes this even better is that the more and the sooner the world coordinates its management of resources, creation of wealth and response to the above problems the sooner and better we will be able to alleviate them and build a world of peace, prosperity and sustainability!

So, our awesome sustainable future (whose picture we’re trying to paint) is not just going to involve solving our environmental problems but many of our others too.

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