The main reason I’ve started writing this blog is because if we’re going to grow the forest so to speak – to tackle climate change, to protect the environment and to live sustainably – then we’re going to have to very quickly ditch the doom and gloom for positivity. This is the idea I want to espouse and explore here.

For years I’ve believed that to create the changes we need to be able to live sustainably on this planet people first need to be inspired. Doing good by the environment needs to feel good, not just right.

For me, that means painting an inspiring and optimistic but entirely believable and tangible picture of the sustainable world we will live in. Big picture and little picture. What will our streets, houses and cars look and sound like? What will we eat? How and where will we work? What will that work look like? What will the world be like? Will there still be poverty?

The world is heading in a pretty screwed up direction at the moment as we pollute and use more resources than we have (see also planetary boundaries research). But we won’t change that by scaring people – that only leads to feelings of impotence and inaction and denial.

Let’s inspire people to be part of the change and to help build a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable world by showing them how great it will be and how they can make it happen.

(Photo at top via BBC future)


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