Exciting times

We live in exciting times!

We’re on track to see 2-4 degrees of global warming in this century; rainforests are being depleted at astounding rates. fish stocks are crashing and we pour pollution into our skies, fields and oceans.

But these scary problems will be their own undoing. They are what will launch us into a new way of living that values the planet and our environment as much as we value ourselves. A way of living that will ensure peace and prosperity for all for generations to come.

Yeah, I’m getting a bit Obama-”this-was-the-moment-when-the-rise-of-the-oceans-began-to-slow” but it’s true. We now have the opportunity to build technologies, institutions, jobs and wisdoms that will, with a bit of luck, set the world up for countless generations.

And I think that’s pretty damn exciting, don’t you?


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